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  1. Yeah, So, I’m Lame

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    July 26, 2012 by Anne Tenino

    I have lots of news, but I’ve been very, very lame about updating my personal blog in the last few …
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  2. Special Guest Snark


    December 10, 2011 by Anne Tenino

    Last week I posted that Taylor V. Donovan had an upcoming release on December 6. That day has come and …
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  3. Body Snark


    November 19, 2011 by Anne Tenino

    If you’ve read Whitetail Rock, you know Jurgen’s not generally a talkative guy. Out of bed. If you haven’t read …
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  4. Snark…ish


    November 12, 2011 by Anne Tenino

    Let’s begin with links, shall we? First, Chicks and Dicks, where today we have a lovely post by the beautiful …
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  5. Freshly-perked Snark


    November 5, 2011 by Anne Tenino

    It’s that time again. Saturday Snark. Yeppers. So, the way this works is, some snark gets posted on Marie Sexton’s …
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  6. Breaking News! Duh-de-de duh-de-de duh-de-de duh-de-de duh-de-de

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    November 1, 2011 by Anne Tenino

    First, go now, do not past Go, do not collect $200, I’m begging you if you care about the future …
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  7. The Male (Male) Orgasm Questionnaire

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    October 28, 2011 by Anne Tenino

    I wrote up a questionnaire! You probably aren’t as excited as me. But trust me, it’s cool. Here’s the thing: …
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