Freshly-perked Snark


November 5, 2011 by Anne Tenino

It’s that time again. Saturday Snark. Yeppers. So, the way this works is, some snark gets posted on Marie Sexton’s blog, then I link to it and post my own snark.

This week, because I don’t have that much published yet, I’m using snark from a WIP, Too Stupid to Live. TSTL is the story of Sam (from Whitetail Rock) and Ian. It’s fun to write, and it’s getting a bit, ahem, hawt.

So here, we have a scene with Sam, speaking on the phone with Nik:

“Are you in the closet again?”

What? I’ve never been in the closet,” Nik said.

“Did you slam yourself into the hall closet in a huff and are you currently standing there talking on the phone to me? Again?” Sam tried to keep his voice patient and well-modulated.

There was a long pause. Nik cleared his throat. “Yes.”

Cute no? I think so.

For more fun today, don’t forget to check out Chicks & Dicks, my new group blog that I’m working on with the rest of the Smex Posse.

It’s orgasm month on Chick & Dicks. So far, it’s looking like it’s going to be a riot…

5 thoughts on “Freshly-perked Snark

  1. Wendy says:

    Thats funny. Good job!

  2. I actually laughed out loud at this! The deadpan level of detail is what puts it over the edge for me.

  3. Marie Sexton says:

    LOL. I love that. And thanks for joining in again!

  4. Mountie says:

    Thanks Anne for the snark and the new blog… Orgasm month eh?

  5. Anne Tenino says:

    I’m glad you all liked it! I like it, too… 🙂

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