Task Force Iota

 Turning TricksTurningTricks_300

Task Force Iota Book Two*
51,000 words

*For TFI book one, see below

The Blurb

This book is a rerelease of the 2012 edition, and contains no new material.

James Ayala thought life would be smooth sailing once he escaped from Red Idaho and returned to Blue Oregon. He was supposed to get answers about the biocybernetic chip that made him empathic, face the man who implanted it, and then ride off into the sunset with his boyfriend, Matt Tennimore.

Life, however, has other plans: the bad guy dies before he explains squat, they left their horse in Idaho, and Gramma Anais finds a parasite on James’s implant—one that forces him into isolation.

Matt just got James back to Oregon where he wanted him, and extraneous brain hardware or not, he has no intention of letting him go. But James hesitates to move in with him. Despite his hurt, Matt has to man up and do his job, leaving James behind, while the rest of the team struggles to find the real mastermind behind the implant and the parasitic “Trick,” before it takes over James’s brain. But will it be too late to save him?

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“…[F]or me the heart of this story is once again the characters. Matt and James are just fabulous together. They are such a good match […] and their love for each other only grows stronger over the course of the book.” —Joyfully Jay

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18% Gray

Task Force Iota Book One
85,000 words

The Blurb

In a future where the United States has split along party lines, Agent Matt Tennimore’s job is to get people out of the Confederated Red States, whether they’re captured special ops agents from his own country or gay CRS citizens who’ve petitioned for asylum. He never expected to have to retrieve his high school crush, aka the guy who ostracized him for being gay.

Rescuing James Ayala isn’t going to be easy: he’s crawling with tracking nanos and has a cybernetic brain implant that’s granted him psychic powers he isn’t sure how to control. That’s the good news. The bad? The implant is compromising James’s mental stability.

So they’re on the run, avoiding surveillance by AI aircraft and hiding from enemy militia. Then James confesses he tormented Matt in high school because James wanted him. Matt can’t resist the temptation James offers, but he wants so much more than sex, assuming they ever make it home alive. Is James really a good bet when he’s got a ticking time bomb in his brain and there’s a question of how much he’s actually changed?

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“18% Gray is a solid first novel, with two likable protagonists. Although it touches some serious themes, the overall tone of the novel is lighthearted (there are some truly humorous moments) and I think most of the readers will enjoy it.”
Lady M, Reviews by Jessewave – 4 stars


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