I’m Sorry


October 25, 2017 by Anne Tenino

Sorry-MeI need to apologize.

When I rereleased Turning Tricks last week, I thought I’d made it clear that it was a reprint of the 2012 edition . . . but apparently not.

I should know better—I’m well aware that you can include the information in the blurb (which I failed to do, actually, because I spaced it, although I’ve added it everywhere I can, now) and people will still miss it. I also should have had Lou Harper put that this was a reprint and contains no new material on the cover. But I didn’t.

I have emailed her to correct that, of course.TurningTricks_300

I guess I thought that the people who bought it would be the people who read the first one, and would come to my website and . . . IDK, read all my posts and realize that? I’m always telling other people to be very clear about something being a reprint/new cover, and then I went and forgot to do it myself.

So, I’m sorry. Sorry about that.

This paragraph is all about my excuses for how it happened. You can probably afford to skip it:
All I can say in my defense is that I was focused on getting the book out, finally, and I was trying to get that done in time to take some print copies to GayRomLit in Denver. The ebook version didn’t even officially become available until October 17, the day before I left for the retreat. This was after I thought I’d scheduled the dumb thing to come out the 13th, but I hit the wrong damned button, somewhere, and didn’t discover it until the 13th. Then it takes a few days from hitting the “publish” button to the book actually being available for purchase.

Anyway, this is another lesson for me about why self-publishing isn’t really my thing. I’m not saying it will never happen again, but I’ll only do it if necessary.


One thought on “I’m Sorry

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