Originally on this page I had a couple of stories that I wrote as part of a reader event on Goodreads, some epilogues, and some cut scenes from other books. Recently, I’ve taken down a few of these (longer explanation below the downloads).

Here are the free short stories, which comprise the entire “Whitetail Rock” series:

Whitetail CoverWhitetail Rock (pdf) can be downloaded here by clicking on the highlighted name. Or this whole paragraph, apparently. fix_cover_final

A pdf of The Fix is here (again, click on the title, but this time only the title). The Fix is a direct sequel to Whitetail Rock.

Be warned, I may be pulling these both for reediting and upgrade, after which I’ll probably be selling them for a nominal amount. Or I may not get around to that, who really knows?

Other cut scenes/snippets available are:

Frat Boy and Toppy Epilogue

Too Stupid to Live cut scene: Sam Breaks up with Marley

And a little fake news article I wrote for Poster Boy.

Also, in the pages for individual books, there are excerpts from each one, so click on the “Books” tab in the upper menu and follow the links to specific titles.

Oh, and that longer explanation: I may be dusting off and rewriting some of my shorter, more erotic scenes and releasing them under a different pen name with another author. If I do so, I’ll post it on the blog, I promise. At the same time I’m hoping to mine my other cut scenes (you know, the less porny ones) and post a bunch of them up here. TBH I wasn’t keeping up with them: I hadn’t posted any new ones since 2013. In the near future there might actually be quite a few new ones . . .

Material and posts on this site are for mature readers only.  It features gay erotica, and is intended for people aged 18 or over. If you are offended by such material or are under age for your jurisdiction, read not further.

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