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December 10, 2011 by Anne Tenino

Last week I posted that Taylor V. Donovan had an upcoming release on December 6. That day has come and gone, so this week I have some special snark from said release, Southern Winterland (you can purchase it by clicking on the book title, which will take you to the MLR site).

For more Saturday Snark, visit Marie Sexton’s blog and click on the links to read all the amusing entries. And tomorrow, come back here and see the special news I have… But for now? Snark.

This lovely little tidbit is from the first chapter of Southern Winterland. For some information on how the story came about, visit Taylor’s post about it at Chicks & Dicks.

In this bit of snark the main characters, Remy and Chris, are having a chat about Chris’s plans for his traditional holiday celebration. It’s August, and Remy has *ahem* other things on his mind so he’s only sort of (not really) listening. But then something Chris says catches his attention…

“… that you have no problems wearing the elf suit.”


“What’s that about an elf suit again?”

“Have you not been paying attention?” Chris’s sigh was over the top. It matched everything else about him. “I’d like for the staff to dress like elves. You did hear me when I said I need your help, right?”

“I’m not wearing a green suit with candy cane tights.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Chris tried to sooth him. “The tights will be green too.”

“Not happening.”



“Bet you’d look scrumptious,” Chris whispered.

“Bet you’re right,” Remy answered without missing a beat or worrying about the fact that his voice had dropped at least two octaves. “But you say that to all the boys, so it ain’t gonna change my mind.”

3 thoughts on “Special Guest Snark

  1. I dunno, gotta love a man in tights… (Picturing Carey Elwes, here!)

  2. Taylor V Donovan says:

    @vjsummersandsmut I just watched that movie again the other day. And I agree, now if Chris could only convince Remy *sigh*

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