The Male (Male) Orgasm Questionnaire

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October 28, 2011 by Anne Tenino

I wrote up a questionnaire! You probably aren’t as excited as me. But trust me, it’s cool.

Here’s the thing: I started a new blog with a group of other people, some authors and some readers. Actually, “started” is a misnomer. I should say, “am starting”. We’re calling the blog Chicks and Dicks — click on the name to visit it. Not much to see, yet, but it’s a’coming.

Our plan is to have monthly themes. So, we’re starting things off with a bang in November (beginning on or about the first) being Orgasm Month.

Cool, huh?

Well, maybe you’ll think so someday…

At any rate, as part of this Orgasm Month theme, I’ve been doing some research on the male orgasm. Which basically means I wrote up this questionnaire and cajoled a few men to fill it out.

So, now I’m putting it here, and I would like to kindly invite all of the men who happen upon this site to fill it out. I’m pasting in the questionnaire below, so you can cut and paste. However, if you prefer, you may download it and email it back to me at Download the Male(Male) Orgasm Questionnaire.

If you are of the female persuasion, but know a man you can cajole into filling this out, please do so. 🙂

Anne’s Male Orgasm Questionnaire

Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible. This questionnaire is intended for research, but some answers will be shared in upcoming blog posts in November 2011 on the Chicks & Dicks blog ( Any information identifying you with this questionnaire will be removed as soon as it’s received.

Finished questionnaires can be emailed to

1. Pre-cum: how much to do you produce, and how excited do you get before it appears?

2. When do you start to feel orgasm approaching? Is there a point where you think something like “A-ha, there it is.”? (I ask this because for most women there is a feeling like this– keep in mind we don’t necessarily have one every time.)

3. Do your testicles pull up? How much and when? Slowly over time, right before you come, etc. Are there other physical signs that orgasm is approaching or imminent?

4. Where do your orgasms generally seem to begin? Testicles, anus, some weird internal spot you can’t define? Do you have a clue what I mean? Does your spine tingle?

5. Can you describe the progression of your orgasm? Once you’ve started to come, do you begin ejaculating right away? Are the physical feelings concentrated in one spot the whole time, or do they travel around?

6. How does the sensation of ejaculation enhance your orgasm, or not? What percentage of the pleasurable sensations are associated with the ejaculate coming down the urethra?

7. How far do you “shoot” regularly?

8. Where else do you feel your orgasm? Anus, testicles, taint, etc.

9. About how long does it last? How much of that time are you ejaculating?

10. Have you ever given up and decided it just wasn’t going to happen this time?

11. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

12. Top, bottom, versatile or no anal?

13. Have you ever had a prostate orgasm?

14. Is there anything you want to to tell me (or maybe feel compelled to tell me) about the male orgasm that isn’t covered in the previous questions? I am eager to be enlightened.

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