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October 1, 2011 by Anne Tenino

It’s Saturday! And you know what that means… Saturday Snark! This was all begun at Marie Sexton’s blog, and you should run over there and check it out for even more snark.

Seriously? All this snarky goodness? It’s like Christmas for a girl like me.

This week’s selection is from Frat Boy & Toppy. FB&T is a little different from my other works. It’s not snarky, much.

(BTW, yes, it’s going to be published by Riptide. In say, February-ish. I’ll be over at the Whipped Cream Yahoo Group hosting the Riptide Publishing party from 3pm to 4pm (EST). There will be lots of other authors. I might dig up the schedule around here and put it at the end of this post… *frantically searching through pile of papers on floor*)

After diligent work, I was able to find some snark. Sebastian (a.k.a. Toppy) has a snarky side to him, for sure, and I found us the perfect line from him.

This is in about Chapter Five, and Sebastian and Brad just had a very loud sexual encounter in the supply closet next to Sebastian’s office. While his officemates were in said office.

“I told you you needed to keep an eye on that jock!” Paul’s mutterings finally exploded out of him.

Sebastian made his face as serious as possible. “Paul, I want you to be assured that I have been keeping a lot more than my eye on Frat Boy.”

Check out Whipped Cream for a few little excerpts of FB&T. You won’t find them anywhere else, at least not anytime soon.

This is the schedule for the Whipped Cream chat, all times EST. Any times I’m not absolutely certain of the author I’ve put an asterix next to:

1-2 Aleksandr Voinov
2-3 Kari Gregg
3-4 Anne Tenino
4-5 Bryl R. Tyne
5-6 Cat Grant *
6-7 Damon Suede
7-8 Peter Hansen
8-9 L.A. Witt
9-10 Andrea Speed

4 thoughts on “Snarky snarky snark-snark

  1. Love it! Hehe. Can’t wait to

  2. Marie Sexton says:

    Very nice! Thanks for the link!

  3. Mountie says:

    Thanks for the snark Anne. I am loving them.

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