Ooops, I Hit “Publish”

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September 30, 2011 by Anne Tenino

I was sort of getting ready for my post tomorrow, and I hit “Publish” instead of “Save Draft”. I’ll let you guys have it, anyway, cause I’m nice.

BTW, tomorrow from 3 to 4 (EST) I’ll be hosting the Riptide Publishing party over at the Whipcream2 Yahoo Group. I’ll try and get a link for you…

Anyway, here’s what I probably couldn’t post tomorrow, anyway, since it’s so long.

So, I’m looking for an image of Brad from Frat Boy & Toppy. I finally thought, “What the hell? I’ll just type ‘Brad’ into the search bar and see what I get.”

So, after scrolling quickly through the 15+ pages of Brad Pitt and, occasionally, his puffy-lipped wife, I found… A few pictures of Brad Paisley. I decided it isn’t going to work.

I went to Creative Commons. Sitting outside of my daughter’s school in my car, waiting for the bell to ring, I scabbed off the school’s wi-fi and I looked through about a million nude to semi-nude photos that popped up when I googled “innocent shirtless male athlete”. It took a little more work, but I eventually came up with

Billy Wood (LOC)

I decided that might work. I found it in the Library of Congress’ photo stream. There are no known copyright restrictions. Wahoo! We’re in business.

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