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Turning Tricks

Coming October 13, 2017. . .

Turning Tricks, the second Task Force Iota book, is finally going to be re-released by moi. Attention to detail isn’t really my forte, so when I give you that release date, take it with a grain of salt.

And yes, I’m going to have print copies at GRL.

TurningTricks_300James Ayala thought life would be smooth sailing once he escaped from a Red Idaho reeducation camp and returned to Blue Oregon. He was supposed to get answers about the biocybernetic chip that made him empathic, face the man who implanted it, and then ride off into the sunset with his new boyfriend, Matt Tennimore. Life, however, has other plans: the bad guy dies without giving them any answers, they left their horse in Idaho, and Gramma Anais finds a parasite on James’s implant—one that forces James into isolation.

Matt just got James back to Oregon where he wanted him, and extraneous brain hardware or not, he has no intention of letting him go. But James hesitates to move in with him. Despite his hurt, Matt has to man up and do his job, leaving James behind, while the rest of the team struggles to find the real mastermind behind the implant and the parasitic “Trick”—before it takes over James’s brain. But will it be too little, too late to save him?

124 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Ry says:

    Will Collin get his own story?

  2. Hannah E. says:

    I loved Frat Boy and Toppy! I bought it as a birthday present to myself and finished it within 24 hours. Thanks for giving me something to smile (and laugh out loud) about!

  3. Anne Tenino says:

    Why can’t I reply to you? IDK.

    Anyway, funny you should bring up Paul, because some people might have given me a plot bunny for him. He probably deserves to fall in love with a jock with an ass like a juicy apple, don’t you think?

  4. Theodora says:

    I’m a fan of your works since 18% Gray so I’m definetely going to buy Turning Tricks. Will it also be published by DSP? I really can’t wait to read it! in fact, I will be looking forward to reading all your WIPs once they are completed, including Collin. Paul, and Toby’s stories. you will publish them sooner or later, right? (the sooner the better though, not to perssure you or anything :p

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi Theodora! I’m glad you can’t wait! I kind of can’t wait, either, come to think of it… And yes, Dreamspinner is publishing Turning Tricks, and the release date is scheduled for May 30th. After that, I’m not positive, but I really, really need to update my WIP and Coming Soon pages.

      And yes, both Collin and Paul will get a story. I’m hoping I’ll get one of them out before the end of the year, but honestly I don’t know, I don’t have a deadline. I’m still working on Sam (from Whitetail Rock) and Ian’s story, which should be out before mid-October.

  5. keodhia says:

    I’m a certified stalker of your books. Just literally finished frat boy and came to see if Collin, Paul and Toby are getting a book. Cant wait to read them. Please email me when r released.

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Cool! Where do you get stalker certification, anyway? And yes, in case you didn’t find the answer, Paul and Collin will get their own books. I’m sure Toby will, too, but I’m not sure when or who the guy will be. I’m actually working on Paul’s now. His will be more novella (or even short story, actually) than book, but he’ll get one. As a bonus, the mystery over his hatred of jocks will be be uncovered. 😉

      Hmmm, guess I should make a mailing list, huh? Then I can tell people when stuff is coming out.

      • keodhia says:

        You can only get certification to stalk if you are truly obsessed with an author. I have several certificates. Lol. So excited to hear about your upcoming projects. It’s so hard to find good m/m author’s.

      • Foretta says:

        OH yea! I would love to be put on a mailing list! if you ever make one! They are the best! Can’t wait to read more of your work… when you finish it since I’ve read everything! LOL

  6. Anne Tenino says:

    Well, I’m sort of in the middle of setting up a newsletter. . . You know, after I finish this next book. :-/

  7. Lisa Thomson says:

    Another Author joins the ‘Watch This Space’ List

    Hello from Australia! I’m halfway thru 18% (audiobook via*) & I’ve had to stop it to jump on the net to look up the Author – YAY! There’s a sequel. When is it going to be recorded (Puleese say it’s going to be recorded).

    * I have NO self discipline when it comes to reading, NONE. If I didn’t listen to audiobooks instead of reading the books the housework wouldn’t get done, I wouldn’t have a job, I’d be chronically sleep-deprived (hang on, actually I am chronically sleep deprived), but at least I can load the dishwasher while listening to a book. It’s 12.04am here & I’m on a deadline on a project (& starting to get pretty nervous about it …), but I’m on the net finding out about the book that comes after the one I’m listening to …. Did I mention the bit about NO self discipline? [sigh].
    But please, when will it hit Audible? Or any other audiobook provider?
    Thank you!
    Lisa 😀
    (I usually don’t use so many exclamation points but it’s late & I’ve found another Author!)

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi Lisa! You sound like me—I always wait until the last minute to finish anything with a deadline. LOL As for when TT will hit Audible, I don’t know unfortunately. That’s something Dreamspinner decides, and I don’t know how they made the decision to record 18% in the first place. I guess I would say you should contact them ( and ask when they plan on making an audio file of the book. I’d ask, but they seem to respond better to readers who say “I want this!” than to me saying “People are telling me they want this.” I dunno why, it’s a mystery.

      I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying 18%! 🙂

  8. Mercedes says:

    Hi I just recently discovered your work and I absolutely LOVED 18% Gray it was my first science fiction book. I wanted to ask if Logan and Laslo would be getting a book in the series? I just really liked them the brief time there were in the boom and was really curious.


    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi Mercedes! Yes, I promise Laslo and Logan will get a book—the next book in the series, actually. I’m hoping it will be out in the first half of 2013, but I’m still working on it. I’m glad you liked 18% enough to stop by my site. 🙂 Thanks!

  9. Katie Bobb says:

    What about Jules, he seemed quirky. Loved Frat Boy and Toppy 🙂 Reading Paul’s soon

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi Katie 🙂 Well, the honest truth is that Jules is straight. I know, it may be hard to believe, but he’s one of those “other” types of guys—the straight ones who get pegged as gay but aren’t. I briefly toyed with having him go gay, but I actually wrote him originally to be straight so I feel like he should probably stay that way…

      I’m glad you liked the book!

  10. Sassafrass says:

    this sounds great, I can’t wait for it’s release! ~Sassafrass

  11. Larissa Rodgers says:

    This sounds like a good one! I’ll be adding it to my tbr!

  12. Lee Anne says:

    Thank you so much for participating in the Erotic Enchants Party! Authors like you have made this so much fun!

    Lee *Show me the Smut* Anne

  13. Stopping in to say Hello and Thank you from Erotic Enchants!

  14. Heather in FL says:

    Just checking in from EE! Thanks for participating!

  15. Anna says:

    Hello! I am also from the EE group. Congrats on the new book!

  16. Darling Amanda says:

    Thanks from the EE group and Happy Holidays!

  17. Baby says:

    Another EE person here. Happy Holidays!

  18. Anthomaniac says:


  19. Can’t wait to find the story!

  20. Scraps says:

    Wish I could follow this page so that I’d know when you updated it! I’ve enjoyed all that I’ve read by you so far (haven’t read the Task Force books, I’m not much into sci-fi) and can’t wait to read more! You’ve got a fan who has you on her auto buy list!

  21. Anne Tenino says:

    I really need to get my act together and do that newsletter, don’t I? I’m lame. You can follow the blog (bottom item in the right sidebar), but you’d get all my posts. Not that I’m much of a blogger, here.

  22. Theresa says:

    I just finished reading To Stupid to Live and I loved it. I’m always excited to read about Sam and Nik’s friendship. To see that Sam finally found love, was a gift worth waiting for. Is there a wedding and kids in the future for both Nik and Jurgen? I think it would be hilarious to see Nik’s attitude dealing with both marriage and kids.

    Thanks again for such a great story.


    • Anne Tenino says:

      OMG, can you imagine Nik with kids? That’s insane. Although definitely an intriguing idea… I have characters I’m planning on giving kids someday (whether in my head or in a story), but Nik never crossed my mind. I think he needs a little too much attention for himself to share.

  23. Hi Anne,

    Just finished Too Stupid to Live and loved it. Will you be following up with stories for Miller and Tierney?

    • Anne Tenino says:

      I will be, but I think it’s unlikely they’ll be out before 2014. :-/ I’m working on finishing up my Theta Alpha Gamma series this year (and I’ll never write more than one series at a time again. Probably), and then I’ll be working on Romancelandia full steam ahead.

      I’m glad to hear you liked it!

  24. alisn says:

    hi…so i just barrelled through 18% Gray and Turning Tricks…loved them! i know you mentioned laslo and logan’s story, One Queer Iota, that didn’t get written cause you wrote Tricks instead, just wondering if we’ll ever see the book you were “supposed” to write…didn’t see it on the coming soon page. 😦

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi alisn-

      I’m very much planning on writing Laslo and Logan’s story this year, although at this point it won’t be out until 2014. I know that’s hugely disappointing to a lot of people, and I’m really sorry, but I’d like to explain why (and I should probably do a blog post about this). For various reasons, I won’t be publishing the rest of the series with Dreamspinner, but with Riptide. The problem there is that I’m committed to three books for Riptide first (one of which I just completed, except for edits—Sweet Young Thang). Once those three books are out of the way (and before I begin two other projects I’ve committed to) I’ll write One Queer Iota. I’m really excited about the story, and I certainly haven’t lost interest in the series (there will be a few books after OQI), so I can guarantee it will be out eventually, just not as soon as I’d like. 😦

    • Mary says:

      Does Nik and Jurgen have a book?

      • Anne Tenino says:

        They have two stories, one’s a novella called Whitetail Rock and the other is a short called The Fix. You can go up to my “Books” menu in the header bar and hover over it. When the drop-down menu appears, choose “Whitetail Series” at the bottom and there are links to free copies of them.

        Or did you mean a novel? That, I don’t have and to be honest, I’m not going to write. Sorry. :-/

  25. joker012 says:

    it’s kinda killing me because I feel that Miller got picked on so much in the Romancelandia series; will he ever get his HEA? He’s gone through so much, guy deserves it.

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Mille will totally get his HEA, and as a matter of fact that’s what I’m tentatively calling his book, “Happily Ever After.” Because he deserves it, of course, but also because he’s so sweet. Unfortunately, it’ll be a while before he gets it. He has a lot of healing to do first. :-/

      • joker012 says:

        Oh man, the title is PERFECT. I’m so glad that his story is in the works!
        Good things come to those who wait, so I’ll just wait with bated breath in the peanut gallery with the rest of the fans :3
        BTW, just #3 of TAG; excited to read it! I’m sure I’ll rip through it like all of your other works x.x

  26. Aly says:

    Anne, I’ve just finished reading Too Stupid To Live (…for the third time:)), and I’m so excited to hear Tierney will get his own story. I’m a sucker for reformed douchebag storylines and am intrigued to see what happens to him. Do you have a tentative release date or timeframe for Billionaire with Benefits?

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Well . . . in a perfect world, BWB will come out in January 2014. I, however, don’t write in a perfect world (someone *cough*myeditor*cough* told me I write slowly), and while at one time I was positive I’d hit my deadline, I’m suddenly feeling tragically insecure and freaked out. But hey! I’m banking on a miracle.

      I’m so glad to hear you like TSTL enough to reread it! I’m feeling less tragically insecure. Thank you. 😀

      • Marie HJ says:

        Hi Anne,
        I have read TSTL several times as well, it really is a very very good book. I will snatch Tierneys book from Amazon as sson as its out 🙂

        • Anne Tenino says:

          Hi Marie-

          Yeah . . . I’m going to have make an announcement about that soon. I’ve had to push back the release date for BwB, because it’s taking more out of me than I expected. I’m confident it will be a good book, but some of them take more work than others. :-/

  27. Oh! I am so excited Tierney is getting a story.

  28. Will says:

    YAY another Romancelandia book! can’t wait =D *goes off to reread TSTL* also… i wonder if Tierney will still have his car, makes me laugh just thinking about it. XD

  29. Anna says:

    I read 18% grey and really enjoyed it, thank you. And now I’ve read frat boy and toppy, then the rest of them after asking the good reads mm romance group for something funny to read. Can’t wait ( but will) to read good boy and then jocks story. But I was wondering with the task force series, is it finished? I’m having trouble reading turning tricks ( nothing from ur end, it’s my kindle and unless I delete and rebuy I have to wait for them to help me. anyway…) during 18% the was a promise made to go back and rescue the red soldier, will that be told in a story? ( if it happens in TT please just tell me to go read my book!)
    Thanks, I’m really enjoying your books ( sorry for rambling),

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi Anna-

      The short answer is that yes, Laslo and Logan will get their own story, and I’ve even started on it. Turning Tricks doesn’t tell their story, although it does give some details about Laslo that might be interesting to find out. 🙂 The problem with this series is two-fold, and both are my issue—first, I signed a bunch of contracts to finish the Romancelandia and TAG series, so those are pending. Task Force Iota doesn’t have any pending contracts, so I sort of have to put it on the back burner for now. I’m planning on having One Queer Iota (L&L’s story) out next year, but I said that last year . . . So yeah. Not the most trustworthy author, here. *sigh*

      At any rate, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed yourself reading the books!

      • john says:

        Hello one of my favorite author; some charm here can’t hurt, right? I just wanted to ask about our much talked about couple Laslo and Logan. I was rereading 18% and dropped by your page to see if it was in your coming out page. I’d really like to see Logan come out, poor soul, his history seems fraught with complications. Maybe January 2015?

        • Anne Tenino says:

          I so, so, sooo wish I had a good answer for this question. They are getting a story, but when it’ll be out . . . I don’t know. I originally swore it would be 2014, but I don’t see how that can happen. The good news is, my writing schedule will be much freer after this December, so 2015 is (almost) certain.

  30. Thomas says:

    Hey Anne, just finished Sweet Young Thang. It was awesome! I laughed soooo much. I love your writing style!

  31. Tony says:

    Wow I can’t wait for these two book, especially Tierney. I like the plot when one person change for other person.

  32. leafthoj says:

    OMG Tierney was the closet gay of TSTL that I’ve been hoping would get some hot action for the series. YEEEESSS. Ugh, but I don’t think anyone can beat Jurgen… dude’s just sexy without needing to be.

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Well, Tierney gets some hot action, and even better, I have a tentative release date for Billionaire with Benefits,—July 21, 2014. As for Jurgen . . . you know, I just can’t promise there will ever be anyone as hot as him. Dude’s amazing.

      • leafthoj says:

        Now I’m just bouncing impatiently like a rabid child on Christmas morning. I hope you have a really great person planned for Marley after BwB. My heart throbs for the pain he’s gone through (and to think he originally just started as the endearingly awkward closet gay from a small town).
        Anyways I hope BwB gets published soon, because I definitely want to learn a bit more on Dalton and Tierney.

        • Tony says:

          Personally I don’t feel sad for Marley. He hurt Sam a lot after reading the short story. And the way he treat Sam in TSTL

        • Anne Tenino says:

          I think you mean Miller right? Because I gotta tell you, there’s no way I’m writing Marley’s story. Some people are irredeemable (or at least, I don’t feel like being the one to redeem them . . .). And no worries—half the time I can’t keep my characters straight. When I first read this I was thinking Miller until it hit me that didn’t sound quite right. LOL

        • leafthoj says:

          I mean Miller =-= sorry I’m running on 1hr, brain’s not wired properly yet. Ahahah. But I appreciate how you portrayed Marley so well. I know someone who reminds me of Marley and got to say their decline in life is unseeing yet predictable. You captured that character very well, I actually had hoped he’d gotten the stuffing beaten out of him.

        • Tony says:

          Yes please I would love Miller has a story as well

  33. Anne Tenino says:

    Miller totally has a story. The guy has a soft spot in my heart, and yes, he’s gone through a lot. He deserves a happy ending for sure. 🙂

    • leafthoj says:

      [Cherry popping, that’s what I wanna read… ] but I’ll take what I can get. At least he gets the happy ending 🙂

  34. Aly says:

    Hey Anne! Just wondering if BwB’s tentative release date was still July 21st, 2014? Going through a reading drought and I need something to look forward to!

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Yup, July 21, 2014 is the plan. I’ll also have a book out in April from the Theta Alpha Gamma series. I wanna say April 21, but I can’t be positive about that . . .

  35. arella3173 says:

    Will there be more to the Theta Alpha Gamma series? 😀

  36. Aimee says:

    Is the tentative release date for Billionaire with Benefits still July 21st?

  37. Reese22 says:

    I really hope Noah gets his own story. After everything that went down with Turbo, Noah deserves it. Also, I really love your stories!

    • Anne Tenino says:

      You know, I was just thinking about Noah yesterday . . . Honestly, I’d love to write a story for him (and Turbo, for that matter), but I’m not sure when it’ll happen. I do have plans for it, but I have four projects lined up ahead of those guys. :-/ I really should write faster, huh?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  38. Kyla says:

    Thank you so much for the Billionaire with Benefits! I am really happy to read the Romancelandia series! I really love these guys. I am happy that Tierney and Dalton got their happy ending! And THANK GOD for Sam romance novel references…Or else poor Dalton would be sooooo lost XD.

    I hope you can write about Miller…Poor boy needs a serious hug 😦

    Thanks for all!!!!!!

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Awww, thanks for letting me know you liked Billionaire! And no worries, Miller is getting his happy ending (actually, my working title for his book is “Happily Ever After,” we’ll see if it sticks, though).

      • Kyla says:

        Yay! No matter if title changes, Miller is going to be happy!…I wonder who is going to be his prince charming? Someone we know or a new person? 😀

        And by the way, this is only my opinion, but since you introduced Miller I got the feeling that his partner will be a super top 😛

      • thisblogsvoice says:

        Any ETA on Miller’s story? After finishing Billionaire with Benefits (which I really enjoyed BTW) it got me excited about Miller again. 🙂

  39. Daniella says:

    I just powered right on through your entire Theta Alpha Gamma series and I gotta say I’m a huge fan! The books are the perfect mix of comedy and angst, and all your characters (supporting included) are really wonderful. My favorites were definitely Collin and Eric’s story, and then Jock and Toby were so adorable. The way you left off with Noah and Turbo gives me the feeling you might have plans for them in the future? If so, I’m totally looking forward to it!! Keep up the wonderful work! ❤

  40. Joanie says:

    Will the book released in dec be lazlo and Logan’s story ? Or more of mat and James ?

  41. Brad Lane says:

    Just read 18% Gray and loved it. Happy to hear that Turning Tricks is being re-released soon. What about Happy Birthday to Me? Will it be republished? Any way to get a copy?

  42. Helaneh says:

    Will Wedding Favors have a sequel , with the main character being a certain someone ? 🤓

  43. Geraldine says:

    Just listening to Too Stupid to Live, fantastic, loved the book, love the audio! But, I’ve got to ask, Miller’s book? When are we likely to see it? Soon, please?

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi Geraldine—

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer, but the good news is that yes, Miller will get a book. The bad news is that I’m not sure when, but I am sure it won’t be this year (2016). I don’t even have it written yet, and given how long it takes me to write a novel . . . yeah. Let’s hope for 2017, how about?

  44. Stephanie says:

    I just fell down the rabbit hole when I discovered your books through the Multnomah County Library ebooks. I read the TAG series and now have my roommate reading them and whipped through everything available in less than a week. I am seriously hoping Miller’s Romancelandia story will be out soon. My heart broke a little for him when I read the others, so it was heartening that you plan his HEA to be next!

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Well, unfortunately it won’t be coming out soon, but Miller is definitely getting a story. I’ve got it underway, but I took a little break from writing, and it’s going to take me a while to catch up. Tentatively, I’d say you’ll see Miller’s book in 2018. I know, it’s a long time . . . I often wish I could write as fast as I can read.

  45. Debra Langel says:

    Hi, I’ve looked and can’t find the other two books in the task force series. Are they still on track to be published? If so, any idea when?

    I sure hope so! Just finished rereading 18% Grey-just as good as the second time around!

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Well, I’m planing on re-issuing it by October 1. Theoretically, Riptide was going to put it out, but I kept stalling. I’d planned on rewriting it quite a bit, but I got tangled up in life and blah, blah blah. Now I’m just planning on self-pubbing this fall, with just a few changes.

      Really, I’m the poster girl for procrastination.

  46. jlrinald says:

    I loved your Romancelandia books! Any chance of a third installment?

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Yes! There’s a very good chance that there will be a third book, I just don’t know when I’ll finish it. I’m working on it now, though, and it features Miller. I’m calling it Small Town Affair. I’m working on a few different projects at the moment, so I can’t really predict a finish date.

      Thanks for loving the books!

  47. M says:

    I am so happy to hear Miller will eventually get a book. I adore the Romancelandia series (Nikky! Dalton! SAM!). Poster Boy is a much-reread favorite too (the frat boy squad is everything).

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Yay!! I’m so glad to hear that—I’ve been having a hard time the last two years with writing (probably there’s a blog post coming soon about it . . .) and hearing from readers definitely helps me.

  48. Ghislaine says:

    Hi, I’ve just finished the TAG series and enjoyed it so much! Thank you for all those wonderful and enthralling stories. I’d love to read something about Noah and Turbo. I read somewhere a sequel was on track. It would be great.

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi Ghislaine! Wow, I’m only a month behind on answering this. But it’s still not an answer you’re going to love.

      I do have plans for a Noah/Turbo book, but on the list of things I’m going to try and finish, it’s pretty far down there. 😦 Unfortunately, I haven’t been finishing anything the last few years. I wish I had a reason to give you for why, but all I can say is I just don’t seem to . . . finish. That said, I haven’t given up hope that someday I will finish something. Thank you so much for letting me know you liked my guys, though! I love to hear it.

  49. Mo Irma says:

    I just finished Turning Tricks. I loved it, and 18% too! When will I get to read about all the rest of Matt’s quirky, loving family?! Laslo & Logan? Jude? Prequel of Sid & Lance?? Btw, I HAVE TO know what Master Djin has planned!!!!

    Love your books. Thanks for creating them.

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Awww, thanks for letting me know. Truth is I don’t know when I’ll finish anything. I do have planned (and sometimes largely written) stories for Laslo and Logan, Jude (and Dallas, if that wasn’t obvious) and even Sid and Lance, but in the past couple of years I’ve not been writing much. I’m starting to write more, and I’ve been actively working on all of those stories, but . . . In the past I’ve said I’ll have X out by X date, and not kept my promise, so I’m hesitant to make commitments.

      I really wish I could give you more information . . . Regardless, I really appreciate your taking the time to let me know you love the books. It helps with the writing motivation. 🙂

      • Maureen P.H. says:

        Thanks for your candid response. Honestly, I’m just happy there’s a possibility of seeing those characters again. 😀 I was going through a hard time and it helped ago much to see the hope and strength of Matt & James.

        Also, I LOVE the unique twist on our world with the Red and Blue States. It’s really interesting to think about and a nice change of pace for a book setting. I read a LOT and I’ve never seen a setting like that, especially with the political references for LGBT rights and treatment.

        Thanks again 😎

        PS Miz is my favorite ever. 🐴💓

        • Anne Tenino says:

          It’s funny how many people have contacted me recently about these books. I was telling my son that and he said, “Because it’s actually happening.” Freaky, but it kind of inspires me to work on this world . . .

          Miz is awesome. I’m planning on her appearing in more stories. 😉

        • Maureen P. H. says:

          Awesome!!! Yes, Miz is the actual best. 😘 Keep up the good work!! 👍 💞

  50. Nicolas says:

    Hey Anne, so I just listen to the audiobook Horny and I am in love with the character dynamics and story… and it’s super hot! Is there any other books or audiobooks besides just that one or is it a series? If it’s not would you consider writing a sequel or possibly even more?

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Oh my god I can’t believe I forgot to answer this when it first came in. I saw your question and meant to reply later, but…. It’s been a distracting year.

      I originally intended to make Horny the first story in a series, but things in my life have changed drastically and I’m not writing at all right now. I would love to tell you I will put out more books based on the concept, yet I don’t think I can promise that. It’s probably better not to count on it. I’m sorry. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me you liked the book, even if it did take me eight months to reply!

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