Pride Northwest and Task Force Iota


June 11, 2015 by Anne Tenino

I'll probably be doing some of this at Pride.

I’ll probably be doing some of this at Pride.

First . . .

This weekend (June 13th and 14th, from noon to six) I’m going to be selling books and hanging out with a bunch of other authors at the Pride NW Festival in Portland’s Waterfront Park. Who else will be there? Well, LC Chase, Devon Rhodes, Ethan Stone, Amelia Gormley, Daisy Harris, David Holly, Jove Belle, D. Jordan Redhawk, and a brand new lesbian author, Karen E. Baker. Oh, and you, hopefully.

Next . . .

Turning Tricks, the second Task Force Iota book, won’t be for sale for a while. Why? Well, because it’s being re-edited and rereleased by Riptide Publishing in September 2015 (exact day is not totally set, but that’s the month)!

And also . . .

The book I’m calling One Queer Iota for now (I’m no longer convinced this is the right name) will be released by Riptide in December, 2015! It’s the story of Laslo and Logan, from 18% Gray and Turning Tricks.

I don’t have much of a blurb yet, but I’ll put one up as soon as I do.

Lastly . . .

I finally updated this damned website. In a sort of half-assed way, but still. Don’t judge me, writing is haaaard!

4 thoughts on “Pride Northwest and Task Force Iota

  1. sionedkla says:

    I totally squeed and did a wiggle in my chair to find out there will be another Iota book!

  2. Chris says:

    Hi! I actually just finished 18% Gray two days ago, and have been fervently searching for book two (and Logan’s story because I’m desperate to find out what happens to him), which lead me here! I wanted tell you how much I enjoyed 18% Gray, and I was wondering if there was an update on when the sequel might be rereleased? Thank you so much!!

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi Chris—

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply—I was on an extended vacation and I’m barely getting myself back together from it. 😛 TURNING TRICKS has been taken off the market, and I’d planned to rerelease it over a year ago, but life intervened. I’m working on it, though, and I’m planning on having it out by the end of 2016 or early 2017.


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