Cockwalk . . . 2016

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May 7, 2015 by Anne Tenino

For anyone who missed the announcement on Facebook this morning:

Hello GRL friends!

With heavy hearts, we have a bit of an announcement. Two of the three CockWalk organizers won’t attend it to GRL this year (Anne Tenino, Edmond Manning​) and while we have asked Clare London​ to handle all the responsibilities 100% herself, like a one-person band, she politely declined.

In other words, the Cockwalk will be taking a year’s break.

Fret not! Both Anne and Edmond are *committed* to attending GRL next year and already are planning The Return of Cockwalk. (Or perhaps titled CockWalk 2016: Bigger and Rising Again. Hmmmmm…) We want to thank all the friends who have supported CockWalk in the past few years and let you know we’re not done with this concept. There are more embarrassing tales to be had, more art to distribute. Also, just because Anne and Edmond aren’t attending GRL this year doesn’t mean we don’t love you. You’ll live with Anne most of the years and Edmond will see you every other weekend and Tuesday nights. Won’t that be fun? We’ll go to movies and have sundaes and it will be just like we’re all living at home again!

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