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January 1, 2013 by Anne Tenino

. . . I’m remodeling this site, and the home page is here, now. If you go to you’ll end up at that page. This page, “Random,” is now my blog page. Now that my blog page isn’t my home page, I feel suddenly as if I can just, you know, say stupid shit here. Make a three-sentence blog post if I want.
TSTL_FullJacketLoThis isn’t a three-sentence post, but if it were, it would be:

Hey! Looky here! L.C. Chase finished the cover for the paperback edition of Too Stupid to Live and it’s got hearts! That’s so romance novelly, don’t you think? I lurve it so much.

(I’m sort of lumping “Hey!” and “Looky here!” in as one sentence here.)

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