Cover Unveiling Plus Snark


September 15, 2012 by Anne Tenino

I’ve mentioned before that Too Stupid to Live will be released on or about January 14, 2013. For those of you who think that’s a long time to wait, take heart—the first time I wrote that sentence I typed the year as “2103” so see? Things could be much worse.

I sense you aren’t comforted much by that, so I’ll move on to the big news . . . TStL has a cover! The lurvely L.C. Chase pushed herself very hard (thank you sooo much L.C.!) and finished the artwork this past week. It was a bit of a pain, because, for various reasons, the original cover wasn’t useable, so she had to develop an entirely new one.

Should I stop blathering on about it and show you the cover? Okay, here you go:

Cool, huh? And trust me, it fits the book perfectly.

Snark this week is from Too Stupid to Live, of course. Disclaimer: TStL is currently being edited, therefore snark and other excerpts released now may not reflect the final, published version of the novel. Read at your own risk.

On to the snark. Did I mention Sam and Ian’s book is pretty smexy? If I didn’t mention that, I should have. Today’s snark is from just after the first time they hook up. They both think (or at least think they think) it’s a one-off, a purely sexual connection. As a matter of fact, Sam isn’t even sure he likes Ian, but he knows he can’t resist him.

Here they are, basking in afterglow . . .

“Warm,” Sam mumbled into the sheet.

“Huh?” Ian asked, but Sam ignored him. Too much effort to answer.

Ian didn’t seem to care. He patted Sam’s hip. “You’re better than I would have guessed.”

Bastard. But really, what did you expect?

Pretty much what he got; a superlative orgasm. Sam shrugged. “You, too,” he said.

Normally, I would be posting Saturday Snark as part of Marie Sexton’s Snarkfest, but she’s in Italy, (the poor dear snort) so I’m a lone snarker today as far as I know, except for V.J. Summers. If anyone else out there is being snarky, feel free to leave the link to your snark in the comments.

Happy Snarkday!

P.S.: While Too Stupid to Live features Sam and Ian from (respectively) Whitetail Rock and The Fix, it’s actually going to be the first in a new trilogy we’re calling Romancelandia.

7 thoughts on “Cover Unveiling Plus Snark

  1. Cleon says:

    I LURVVEE the cover, Anne. Is that the official cover?

  2. reggie1987 says:

    Great cover, fun post! I’ll be looking forward to a fun read.
    What pub are you with for this project?
    Have a great weekend!!

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi Reggie! I’m glad you’re looking forward to it, I hope it’s an enjoyable one. 🙂 TSTL is being released by Riptide. For anyone out there familiar with Riptide, you know that means that you can preorder it (probably starting in December? I’ll definitely put up a notice lots of places) and if you do preorder, Riptide will put it on your shelf (send it to you? I’ve never been sure how this works) 48 hours before the official release date.

  3. Andrea says:

    Can’t wait for this one, and psyched that it’s the first in a new trilogy!

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Same here, actually! I love starting new projects. Also, I think sometime in the next year (if all goes as planned, which it rarely does), I’ll be publishing my first stand-alone.

      Of course, I intended most of my previous releases to be stand-alones, and they all end up as series… hmmmm…

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