Ma Friends’re Winners, Too.

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January 10, 2012 by Anne Tenino

So, I have friends. Weird, I know. Some of these friends were nominated for or won some M/M Romance Group’s Readers’ Choice Awards (my brag post was yesterday, about me winning a couple things).

Today, I get to brag about my friends. Beginning with a complete and utter fangirl moment for Josh Lanyon. Squeeeeeee! Josh rocks, and he kicked ass at those awards! It was so much fun seeing his name come up all those times. It kind of sucked that he wasn’t there, but some of the other people from his crit group and his GR Q&A group were, so it was still fun.

Overall, he won (by my count, which could be off), 8 awards for books, and Josh himself won 1st Place for Favorite All-time Author! Was very exciting.

What other friends won:

1st Place for Best Slave/Dub Con, I, Omega, Kari Gregg;
2nd Place for Best Slave/Dub Con, Counterpunch, Aleks Voinov;
2nd Place for Best BDSM, I, Omega, Kari Gregg;

Damon Suede won about a million awards, almost entirely for Hot Head, while Amy Lane won about a billion for a huge variety of things. Both of them deserve it, of course.

As for Nominations, Taylor V. Donovan’s Heatstroke was nominated in multiple categories, including Best Free Story, Best Debut, and Story that Must Have a Sequel (and honey, it must). L.C. Chase’s Long, Tall Drink was nominated for Best Cowboy genre.

Lou Harper, Josephine Myles, NJ Nielsen and Cherie Noel all were nominated in different categories, as well. It was a little disappointing to see them not win, but just getting nominated feels pretty validating (in my experience). Makes all the days you resisted throwing your computer out the window worth it. And helps stop you from throwing it out the next time the urge strikes…

So, rejoice, my friends!

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