Billionaire with Benefits Release Day


October 20, 2014 by Anne Tenino



Tierney and Dalton’s story is finally here!!!

And by “here” I mean at these places:

Riptide Publishing


Barnes & Noble

All Romance eBooks


And don’t forget I’ll be having another blog tour, with a fabulous prize—a Voodoo Ken Kit!Voodoo-Ken

Why would you want a Voodoo Ken Kit? To take revenge on your ex, of course. Or, you know, just someone. I mean, sure, you can do good things to a voodoo doll, too, but I’m all about the evil things—not to mention that Ken comes already junkless, and would you really want to inflict that on someone you love? Thought not.

The kit’s not actually done, but I’m working on it. By the time I finish it, you’ll be able to burn, main, hang, poke and prod Ken (or whatever your ex’s name is) and get yourself some revenge. Should be cool.

Want a chance to win Ken, follow the blog tour:

Take me to Riptide’s Events page, please.


2 thoughts on “Billionaire with Benefits Release Day

  1. miko says:

    Hello! Just wanted to say I’m a big fan of your books. I’m currently reading BwB and liking Tierney more than I ever thought I would. I did have a general question for you (I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to ask, but I don’t have a Twitter). Are your TAG and Romancelandia books set in the same universe? Sort of related, where are they all set? I vaguely recall TAG being in Oregon, but I couldn’t remember if you mentioned specifics for the others.

    Thanks for your time and for sharing your stories with us!

    • Anne Tenino says:

      This works fine for a place to ask the question. My basic answer is that no, TAG and Romancelandia aren’t the same universe. TAG is set in Eugene, Oregon, and Romancelandia is sort of in a parallel universe to ours. I never name the city or state any of the books take place in, and while it’s clearly a western state, in my head it’s this sort of mythical western state, that’s sandwiched somewhere between the Rockies and the Pacific, north of California (which could make it Idaho, but, no. Just no). It’s a state that gets more sunshine than Oregon, and has a lot of agriculture. The city Ian, Sam, Tierney and Dalton live in is about an hour and a half from Whitetail Rock (where Miller’s story will be partially set), and it’s the only “big” city in the state. In my head, that city has a lot in common with Portland, but it actually looks different when I visualize it . . .

      Thanks for reading!

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