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July 24, 2013 by Anne Tenino

SweetYoungThang_468bannerMy god I’m behind. The tour started Monday, and here it is Wednesday and I’m posting the schedule. Yeah . . . sorry about that. Skip to the end for details about what I’m giving away this time around.

Well, here it is, the announcement you’ve all been waiting for—the official schedule for the Sweet Young Thang Blog Tour:

Monday, July 22: The Novel Approach

Tuesday July 23: [Not an official tour stop, but nonetheless] Gay Romance Northwest Meet-up interview (on Goodreads)—anne-tenino

Wednesday July 24: Joyfully Jay

Wednesday July 24: Live Your Life, Buy the Book

Thursday July 25: Book Reviews and More by Kathy

Friday July 26: Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books

As is usual for the blog tour, I’ll be giving something away, but what’s unusual (for me) is that this year, what I’m giving away is a mystery. To me. In other words, I’m going to offer the winner their choice of a number of items, like signed copies of my print books, or possibly a crocheted to order phallus, or even a different handmade item—I have a few things in mind . . .

How do you win? Well, during the tour I shall ask one question, and one question only, and the winner will be chosen from the correct answers mailed to me at anne @ Please, don’t leave your answers in the comments.

Where is that question? It’s in one of the posts, of course, which means you have to go read them all. See how I’m sneaky like that?

BTW, I forgot to say in my posts (like a freaking dork), that the contest will close on Sunday, July 28 at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7:00). And yes, I will ship internationally.

Did I forget any details? If so, let me know in comments or by email.


Anne 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Sweet Young Thang Blog Tour

  1. Erin Suitor says:

    I tried to buy Sweet Young Thang from kobo books and found most of your books there have disappeared 😦

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi Erin-

      Well, I guess what happened is that a Kobo customer complained and through a long, convoluted process, Kobo pulled all the indie/small pub erotica and erotic romance. My understanding is that they’re slowly adding them back, so you could wait and see (I have confidence they’ll add SYT back, since it’s not called something like “Daddy’s Very Good Spanky Pants Slut” or “My Brother’s Angry Penis”), or you can try going to Riptide’s website and getting it there. I know they have the right format, and I’m fairly certain you could ask them how to side load it if that’s something you’re unfamiliar with. It’s certainly something I’d be unfamiliar with. 😛

      Good luck!

      • Erin Suitor says:

        Kobo is a dumbass. I hate them but I am trying to not use my credit card. I can buy gift cards in the store here for kobo. I can’t get them for amazon. I will definitely keep checking for your books though!

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