Sweet Young Thang is Finished


March 10, 2013 by Anne Tenino

TAG_CanCoolerWell, it’s official–I’ve finished Collin’s book, Sweet Young Thang and it’s ridiculously long. I told Rachel it would be between 40,000 and 60,000 words, and my final draft is 103,000 (plus a little, actually). But honestly? It damn well better be, since it took me almost three weeks longer than I said it would.

In case you don’t know, Sweet Young Thang is the next book in the Theta Alpha Gamma series, after Frat Boy & Toppy (TAG #1) and Love, Hypothetically (TAG #2).

I like SYT. It’s possible I love this book. Collin’s hooked himself up with a firefighter paramedic—one that’s a lot older than him, actually—named Eric. How did they meet, you ask? Well, there was an accident one morning at TAG House . . .

And that’s all I’ll tell you, for the time being. Want more details? Check back later. Oh, and here are the boots I bought to celebrate finishing this project. SYT Red Boots

Oh, when’s it out? Well, the tentative date is July 22. I will, of course, keep you updated.

Now, on to Toby’s book.

13 thoughts on “Sweet Young Thang is Finished

  1. Congratulations! And yowza, fast turn around to publication there! I’m a little jealous. (email me if you want to know why.)

  2. msculp01 says:


  3. Tina says:

    Yay! I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the next TAG book! 103,000 words? Me likely! I adore long, long books.

  4. Rob Payne says:

    Excited about this next installment – it will be great summer reading! And hopefully there’ll be a peek into what Brad & Sebby are up to?

  5. Becky says:

    Let me guess, someone “slips in the shower”….

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