The Return of Snark!


August 4, 2012 by Anne Tenino

Saturday Snark is back! Marie Sexton has started it again, and I’m jumping on her bandwagon (God forbid I should just take the initiative myself, noooo, I have to wait for someone else to do it) and posting me some snark.

Yes, I know, I’m supposed to be making this a static site. I’ll do it later. Today, we get snark.

This is from Too Stupid to Live, which will be released on or about January 14, 2013 from Riptide Publishing. TSTL is the story of Sam from Whitetail Rock and Ian from The Fix. TSTL will actually be the beginning of a new trilogy titled Romancelandia, and WR and The Fix are prequels to it.

In this excerpt, Sam and Ian have gone shopping, and Sam’s dazzled by the domesticity of it all. Ian hasn’t exactly been proving himself to be good boyfriend material until the night before this. Now his poor head is reeling from being on an official date with Ian—even if it is just to the Farmer’s Market to buy fruit. This is Sam, reflecting on the wonder of it all by comparing this to some of his previous dates:

It was possibly pathetic, but he’d never been on this kind of date. He and Bryce had dated much like prey animals on the African savannah must—amidst a vast herd of their kind, hoping the cheetahs would find someone weaker to pick on. They’d never ventured out to the waterhole alone.

Hmmm, next week maybe I’ll dig up some snark something from Love, Hypothetically.

10 thoughts on “The Return of Snark!

  1. Marie Sexton says:

    Love it! Thanks for joining in! 🙂

  2. teronangel says:

    Heh heh heh… oooh… so, what is he when he’s shopping at the farmer’s market? A water buffalo?

  3. Anne Tenino says:

    @Marie Thank you for doing it again. 🙂

    @teronangel Oh, that’s a good question, I’ll have to think about it…

  4. edenwinters says:

    Love the analogy!

  5. Charlie Cochet says:

    Wonderful, Anne! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Anne Tenino says:

    Thank you Eden and Charlie!

  7. Avalie says:

    Well, how worthwhile was that – I clicked on you on Marie Sexton’s site and found out the great news that another book is coming out from Whitetail Rocks world. Great shame is I have to wait until next year! Great snark.

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi Avalie, thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you like the snark. I’m sorry about the release date, though… Part of the reason TSTL is taking a little longer is because I want to get it right, so hopefully the wait is worth it. 🙂

  8. Nadine says:

    OMG! Why did you do that! I’ve been waiting for this book for a year! Now I have to wait for 5 months! 😭

    Awesome excerpt, though thanksx

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hi Nadine. Um, I did it to drive people crazy? 😉 Kidding! The release date is mostly my fault, for some reason this book has taken me forever to write, and I still am tweaking it, so Riptide gave me a little extra time. I’ll do my best to make the delay worth it.

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