Snark from The Fix


December 17, 2011 by Anne Tenino

So, today’s the big day. I’m releasing The Fix. It’s a freebie short of about 9,000 words, and the second in the Whitetail series I began with Whitetail Rock—released July 31 and also a freebie. Together, these two stories equal over 35,000 free words!

And looky there at that cover! You should probably download (link at bottom, once you’ve suffered through this post) the story just for the cover. I have Lou Harper to thank for this beautiful cover, by the way.

You probably aren’t listening. You’re drooling over the cover aren’t you? Eh, don’t feel bad, I have been all week. The power of the cover is awesome (in an Old Testament kind of way). That’s Jurgen on the front, by the way. After much deliberation (and I mean a lot), I’ve determined the only way this cover could be better is…nipple piercings. *long dreamy sigh*

Oh. Oh, uh, anyway, I have snark, today. It’s from The Fix (there’s a shocker, huh?). Sometime soon, I’ll have a longer excerpt from it on Chicks & Dicks, and I’ll be sure to put up a notice here.

This snark comes from near the end, but it’s one of my favorite lines. To be completely honest, I’m not sure it can be strictly classified as snark. It’s more just Nik being Nik.

That was one of the best parts about having a boyfriend, he’d decided. He could snuggle openly and not covertly. Covert snuggling was like farting during sex. The best you could hope for was that your partner would pretend not to notice.

Okay, now that you read through this, you can download a pdf of The Fix. For other formats, I will be (and hopefully have, by the time you read this) making them available at Goodreads and All Romance eBooks.

8 thoughts on “Snark from The Fix

  1. Nik ROCKS!

    And, nipple piercings? Oh, I SO agree!

  2. Anne Tenino says:

    I KNOW! Wouldn’t that chest look amazing with nipple rings? I mean, I have given this a lot of thought and yeah…

  3. pointycat says:

    Just finished reading ‘The Fix’….thank you! Lovely story, really enjoyed it. And yes that is a very sexy cover and it would be even better with nipple piercings 🙂

  4. teronangel says:

    buahahahahahaha… awesome snark!

  5. Lou says:

    Well, he’s your character, you can write him a nipple ring. 😛 Somehow though, I have a feeling it’s Nik who’d end up with his nipples pierced.

  6. Marissa says:

    Oh my…When you download the story, the cover just gets BIGGER! 😉

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