Saturday Snark


September 17, 2011 by Anne Tenino

Marie Sexton, on her blog, has started a new thingy. Every saturday (on the weeks she remembers – this is a woman I can relate to) she’ll post a line from a snarky character, and invite other authors to do the same.

So, hey, I have snarky characters galore! I’m joining in the fun. To see who else joined in the fun, check out Marie’s blog.

My line is from 18% Gray and it’s (of course) Matt’s line. This is after a fight scene, where Matt and James have vanquished the bad dudes, and then Benigna appears on the scene to have a fit about something, just because she’s so damn good at it:

Her mouth snapped shut, her hands flew to her hips and her eyes blazed. “I’m the damsel! Me! I’m the damsel, dammit! Not you! Or you! And I told you enough times already – call me Beni!”

Matt’s view was partially blocked by James, and James was dazed and distracted by Benig- Beni. That’s how the third soldier was able to grab her so easily and press that DEW against her head.

“Now she’s the damsel,” Matt said quietly in [James’s] ear.

To peruse further excerpts from 18%, check out excerpts 1 and/or 2.

Where can you buy this lovely book? Why at Dreamspinner, of course! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Saturday Snark

  1. Great snark. I’ve got 18%, all ready on my reader…guess what I’ll be reading tonight before bed? 😀

  2. Marie Sexton says:

    I’ve heard so many great things about your book! Thanks for joining in for Saturday Snark! 🙂

    • Anne Tenino says:

      I luuuurve Saturday Snark. I lurve snark. I’m grateful (yes, grateful, I thought about it) you started it — Saturday Snark is a freaking brilliant idea, Marie! Thank you!

  3. Keta Diablo says:

    Great snark, Anne.

    Tweeted about your site today. Have a great week,


  4. Mountie says:

    Thanks for joining in the fun Anne. I just discovered the Saturday Snarks and and am chasing the rainbow today. Love, love, love snark.

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