Frat Boy & Toppy


August 20, 2011 by Anne Tenino

Toppy's chest.

I’ve finished the WIP that has consumed me most of the summer! Frat Boy & Toppy has been picked up by Riptide Publishing.

But for now, here’s a little excerpt of Frat Boy & Toppy. This is in the first chapter, and Brad (Frat Boy) is just coming to terms with the fact that he’s gay. It’s kind of hard to ignore when he finds himself fantasizing in class about the TA, Sebastian (Toppy).


An hour into Professor Whitehall’s lecture on Pallas Athena (whoever the fuck that was) Professor Whitehall’s aide, Sebastian, walked in. Brad’s brain woke up a little to watch Sebastian. He always had a good view of Sebastian from this seat. Brad saw him walk in with a stack of papers — their last batch of essays, maybe — and set them down on the desk at the side of the room. Whitehall lectured from the podium on the stage, and Sebastian’s desk was down low and off to the side. Brad thought people probably didn’t even notice Sebastian.

He noticed Sebastian. There was something about him that Brad couldn’t seem to stop noticing. Maybe it was the way he was always so perfect-looking. Not in a stuffy kinda way. Just… put together. His T-shirts never had stains, and they always fit him, and you knew if he had holes in his jeans they were there on purpose. His hair was always perfect. Not like he put a bunch of crap in it, but just there, and dark and kinda short, choppy, and you just knew he’d brushed it. It never stuck up in the back like he’d been drinking ’til all hours with the guys and rolled out of bed thirty second before he had to leave for class.

Sebastian had cool shoes, too. Like Vans or Chuck Taylor’s or other kinda retro stuff. Today he was wearing his pink high-tops. His jeans were classic, almost too baggy, but his really tight T-shirt made up for it. Jesus, he had to work for abs like that, didn’t he? That couldn’t be natural.

Brad shrugged to himself, almost dislodging his chin from his fist. Maybe Sebastian’s abs could be natural. Brad was used to guys who went to fat if they didn’t work out. That’s how most of his frat buddies were. Sebastian probably wasn’t that kind of guy. He wasn’t slim exactly, just not bulky. He was trim. Lame word, but whatever. Fit. Tight. Well made.

That’s how come Sebastian had abs like that. Damn, they just looked so solid under that shirt. Maybe sometime Brad could get a better look at them. He let his eyes drift closed, falling into some kind of vision where Sebastian’s naked torso was under his hands. He could trace those muscles, see just how cut the guy was. Did he have chest hair? In Brad’s head he did. Lots of it, all black and swirling in toward his sternum. Brad watched his fingers push through the hair, tracing the lower edge of a pec. A pinkish brown nipple peeked out at him. Brad let his hand fall slowly to Sebastian’s abdominal muscles. Six-pack. Oh, eight-pack. And those muscles that cut in right over his hips that gave guys that beautiful “V” shape. He ran a hand down one of those and whoa. Sebastian was naked.

2 thoughts on “Frat Boy & Toppy

  1. Thomas Gengel says:

    Hello my name is Thomas and I’m wondering if there is a pic of Brad???

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Hey Thomas! I should probably find one, huh? Telling you he looks kind of like the guy who sold us fireworks probably isn’t helpful. I’ll look around and see what I can find.

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