Frat Boy & Toppy Missing Sex Scene


This is a sex scene cut from Frat Boy & Toppy (because, among other reasons having to do with plot, it can reasonably be argued that FB&T has enough sex scenes already), and I originally posted it on Cup o Porn for the FB&T blog tour. Now it will serve out its remaining years here, as a short little freebie to get some of you hot and bothered and make others run away. C’est la vie.

But first, let me show you the stubby remnants of the lead up to this scene that can still be found in the final version of Frat Boy & Toppy. As if the book has a vestigial tail, in spite of evolving past the need for it.

This is just after Brad (Frat Boy) and Sebastian (Toppy) have had “sexual relations.” They’re lying in bed, coming down, and they have this conversation:

“You have the most beautiful ass, hon,” Sebastian mumbled into the back of Brad’s neck.

Brad smiled what was probably a goofy-looking smile. “Yeah?”

“Mmm.” Sebastian nodded against him. “Tight and round. Perfect bubble butt.”

“That’s good?”

“So good,” Sebastian groaned. “Like someone took a blueprint of my fantasy ass and made yours just for me.”

Brad squeezed all his butt muscles tight, clenching around Sebastian.

“Mmm. There’s something we’ll explore in the future.” He was downright purring into Brad’s skin, now.


“You’re going to learn how to have a beautiful, active ass, Bradley.” 

Here now is the scene I cut, which should have come later in the book.

“Okay, now that I’m inside you, tell me what you feel.”

Jesus, Sebastian wanted him to talk? Brad tried his best. “Full. Hot. Kinda . . . itchy.”

Sebastian chuckled, but it was strained. He pushed forward, increasing the pressure in Brad’s ass but not really moving, shoving Brad’s cheek into the sheets. “Itchy?”

“Yeah,” Brad gasped. “Need you to move, Sebastian.”

“No.” Brad groaned when he heard that note in Sebastian’s voice; sometimes he loved it and sometimes he hated it. “Let’s explore the itchy, yeah?”

“No,” Brad moaned. “Let’s explore friction.” He wiggled, and Sebastian slapped him on the hip. “Fuck!” That stinging slap made him clench up tight around Sebastian’s cock. “Ah, shit, Sebastian,” he panted, gasping, grinding his forehead into the bed.

“Yeah? You feel that, hon? That feels so good on my cock, when I’m inside you and you tighten up around me.” Sebastian leaned forward, licking up Brad’s spine, rocking a little. Tiny, tiny movements that made Brad’s muscles vibrate and pushed Sebastian’s balls into his taint.

“Oh, fuck. Can feel that.” He was almost beyond words, sweat soaking into the sheets under him, fists clenching. Full and stretched out around Sebastian.

Sebastian murmured against the nape of his neck. “Yeah, you’re gonna feel me, Bradley. Squeeze me again, show me how much you like my cock in your ass.”

Brad didn’t even have to think about it; his nerves were wired in to Sebastian’s voice. He tightened up around him again, groaning with the pressure.

“Feels good for you, too, doesn’t it?”

“Nnngh.” Brad nodded and panted and trembled. “Please.”

Sebastian pulled back, sliding out of him slowly, stroking all his nerve endings, cold air hitting his skin where he’d been so hot. Releasing all the pressure inside him, which felt so fucking good, but he wanted it back so much he ached with it. “Please.”

Sebastian chuckled evilly, but he moved, sliding slowly back into Brad. “Okay, now. Squeeze me.”

He gasped when Brad did, and Brad felt a flare of pride. Sebastian set up a slow rhythm, whispering to Brad. At first reminders to squeeze. Picking up speed as Brad got more coordinated, starting to lose it a little himself, mumbling “Oh, honey, that’s good,” into his back. Groaning when Brad clenched around him. That groan . . . that was . . .

Brad reared back, breaking Sebastian’s rhythm and pushing him back onto his heels, then sitting in his lap. Instead of protesting, Sebastian moaned and clutched at his hips. He lifted his arms, wrapping his hands around Sebastian’s head and pulling him forward, tilting his head back awkwardly for a kiss. He started moving, using all those muscles he worked so hard for to fuck himself on Sebastian’s cock.

Sebastian gasped, “Brad, fuck,” and placed a palm on Brad’s stomach. “So sexy. Love you like this.”

Brad knew he didn’t mean it that way, but he thrust back harder, clenching and swiveling, working his torso and letting Sebastian run his hands over the muscles there. Wanting to make Sebastian crazy the way Sebastian made him. He tried tightening his ass as Sebastian pushed in the next time, and Sebastian made a noise he’d never heard before, something involuntary deep in his chest, like Brad had squeezed it out of him.

Sebastian wrapped a hand around Brad’s dick, jerking fast and almost frantically, forehead on Brad’s shoulder, his hand stuttering whenever Brad tightened around him. Brad worked faster, Sebastian’s hips rising to meet him, rough and out of synch.

“Brad!” Sebastian shouted as he came, rising up on his knees and shoving himself into Brad, rigid but releasing his hold on Brad’s dick. Knowing he’d made Sebastian crazy like this was enough to push Brad over the edge. He tried to milk Sebastian with his muscles, but they went haywire on him, spasming out of control. He grabbed his dick and milked out his own cum instead.

Then Brad fell forward, and Sebastian landed on his back, panting. He reached back with his hand and clumsily patted Sebastian’s flank, smiling goofily into the sheets.

He’d made Sebastian come.

8 thoughts on “Frat Boy & Toppy Missing Sex Scene

  1. dave94015 says:

    can too much sex get in the way of the plot? I think the action here reveals how the characters get to know each other intimately.

  2. wb says:

    There is absolutely no way I could’ve cut that scene…. whew! I’m looking forward to your new release.

    • Anne Tenino says:

      Weeeell, sometimes I really don’t need one. I try to make sure the sex scenes all further the plot, and if I don’t? I hear about it from my editor. 😛

      But it’s a nice little bonus for my website, I guess. LOL

  3. Carey says:

    How am I only now reading these? OMG I’m such a TAG fan and I haven’t read these before? Shame on me! Nice Hot scene BTW 🙂

  4. Beth B says:

    Love it – I confess I was wondering about the “active ass” comment when I came across it but then I forgot and didn’t notice that it wasn’t in the book. Yay for deleted scenes – I love these guys!!

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