Male(Male) Orgasm Questionnaire Results


Here are results for the Male(Male) Orgasm Questionnaire, which I encouraged people to fill out for Orgasm Month research on the Chicks & Dicks Blog. I’m putting them up here, though, because though I’ve figured WordPress out relatively well, Blogger is still largely a mystery to me…

Anyway, the results:

1. Pre-cum: how much to do you produce, and how excited do you get before it appears?

The representative answer for this question:

I don’t produce very much. The more excited I am the more I produce.

Most respondents said they produced it after they were excited for a while, and one said he never produces any.

2. When do you start to feel orgasm approaching? Is there a point where you think something like “A-ha, there it is.”? (I ask this because for most women there is a feeling like this– keep in mind we don’t necessarily have one every time.)

There is always a warning anywhere between a few seconds to maybe just under a minute when I know.

But depending upon how good the sex is, and how good the lover is the orgasm can sneak on up to you.

Other respondants all said they felt this sense of impending orgasm, but it could happen anywhere from right before to happening a few times, then receding before finally hitting the point of no return.

3. Do your testicles pull up? How much and when? Slowly over time, right before you come, etc. Are there other physical signs that orgasm is approaching or imminent?

“My testicles don’t pull up very much. My bf’s does, they pull up so tight they almost disappear. His does it almost immediately. Mine pull up just before orgasm.”

“I’ve honestly never noticed my balls, in any circumstance really. But I’m pretty sure they don’t really do much.”

“…the whole area sometimes gets thick, I guess would be accurate. Tight maybe.”

“Yep, they do and it’s timed to whatever I’m doing and when I’ll come, I think, and how strong that orgasm will be.”

Obviously, a range of answers.

[Combining answers for questions 4 & 5]
4. Where do your orgasms generally seem to begin? Testicles, anus, some weird internal spot you can’t define? Do you have a clue what I mean? Does your spine tingle?

5. Can you describe the progression of your orgasm? Once you’ve started to come, do you begin ejaculating right away? Are the physical feelings concentrated in one spot the whole time, or do they travel around?

Okay, first let me say that there was a universal “no” on the spine-tingling. Mark Alders is right (not that I doubted him, of course).

Otherwise there was a range of answers from:

All physical feeling stays right around my penis. No traveling. And that has always been in sync with actual ejaculation. No delays.


As my orgasm occurs, I don’t feel those areas. Feels good all over, mostly groin area. But right after, sometimes my eyes roll back in my head.

The most comprehensive answer:

I think most everything else is more about the dick. Where I feel it start most depends on what I’m doing because if I’m bottoming, it’s all about the butt even though my whole body goes tense. I think most everything else is more about the dick.

When I’m bottoming, all I can pay attention to is the fact it feels like my whole body’s strung tight and about to break and it’s actually a really amazingly awesome feeling not like I’m seizing.

There’s so many sensations. I can feel it in my balls and then I can feel it coming up my shaft. The best part of the orgasm is a feeling and is just before the actual ejaculation. The ejaculation is a whole other different sensation and varies depends on the amount of cum.

6. How does the sensation of ejaculation enhance your orgasm, or not? What percentage of the pleasurable sensations are associated with the ejaculate coming down the urethra?

This is my personal favorite answer (or part of it):

…even if it’s the 4th time and there’s hardly any coming out now, it’s still good.

Otherwise, the answers ran the gamut from ejaculation making no difference to it being the centerpiece of the entire orgasm. Everyone seemed to feel the orgasm lasts longer than the ejaculation.

7. How far do you “shoot” regularly?

75% of the answers: not much, more of an ooze, usually. One respondent has hit his forehead, the wall, etc. Another felt that shooting farther always felt better.

8. Where else do you feel your orgasm? Anus, testicles, taint, etc.

Guess what? 50% of the respondents said their head. The big one. And of course 100% said dick.

…bottoming is everywhere then localized. Getting a handjob or blowjob is more about the dick/balls than anywhere else.

9. About how long does it last? How much of that time are you ejaculating?

A low of 8 seconds, to about a minute. This doesn’t include any aftershocks.

From the beginning where I feel it at the base it takes between 20 seconds and 45 seconds. Ejaculating is only 5% of the orgasm.

10. Have you ever given up and decided it just wasn’t going to happen this time?

Not surprisingly, everyone said yes. Most guys gave up for mental/emotional reasons.

11. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

One yes. Most other respondents expressed doubt as to whether guys even could.

12. Top, bottom, versatile or no anal?

Mostly versatile, with a preference for one or the other split evenly between top and bottom. No one said they didn’t have anal sex.

13. Have you ever had a prostate orgasm?

Answers ranged from:

No but I’d love to!


OMG yeah! LOVE those!

Split evenly between yes and no.

Interested in filling out your own questionnaire? Download it here, and email it to me at

5 thoughts on “Male(Male) Orgasm Questionnaire Results

  1. Prickly Angel says:

    I think I resemble a few of those answers ;) LOL

  2. Julien says:

    I just have few experiences with men because i’m begining my “education”, but i’m recognize my sensations in some answers.

  3. Julien says:

    For a young person beginning as me, yes

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