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The Quick and Dirty:

You like the title of this page? That’s pretty much what I’m giving you here—the most salient facts of the moment. You should probably note that “of the moment” can mean quite a few months ago, as I’m perpetually disorganized and scatterbrained.


Breaking news: I will be signing at the RT Booklovers’ Convention Giant Book Fair (I might have the name slightly wrong—but it’s ridiculously long). Come see me if you’ll be there!

The first item of salience is that the last Theta Alpha Gamma book, Poster Boy, will be out April 21, 2013, and is available for preorder now from Riptide Publishing.

Next item of salience is that Edmond Manning, Josephine Myles, Clare London and I will be having the Cockwalk event again at GayRomLit 2014, in Chicago. We’re accepting artwork for this, just as last year, and yes, it has to be penis-themed. If you aren’t going to be there but still want to make something, you can contact me by email at anne @ and we’ll work it out. Oh, and I’ve finally managed to make a PDF of my own Crochet Penis and Scrotum Pattern <—- click on this to download.

Lastly, I’ll post my conference appearance schedule for this year (2014), in case anyone cares.

Beer Mug PendantRT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans, May 13-18—I’ll be at the book signing, at Club RT on May 16th at 11:15, and I’ll be at the Riptide Publishing spotlight. Come find me—I have these awesome TAG Mardi Gras bead beer mugs (holds actual liquid!) to give away.

Gay Romance Northwest Meet-up in Seattle, September 20—there isn’t a schedule yet, but I know I’ll be there . . .

GayRomLit in Chicago, October 16-19—I will definitely be at the Cockwalk, of course, and I’ll have some kind of spotlight and be at the book signing. Other than that, chances are you’ll find me at the bar.

Um, I think that’s all for now . . .

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